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Emergency Car Kit

See parent article on prepping  priorities. The Emergency Car Kit consists of everything in the picture above (stored in a duffle bag in the trunk) and some items stored inside the car (pictured below). You could, of course, just buy a kit from AAA, but as with anything, you get what you pay for. I’m […]

Emergency Communications

See summary parent article on prepping priorities. The two goals for communication are receiving information to learn what you can about the current situation and transmitting information (“I’m here”, “let’s meet there”). (1) Your most powerful communication tool is your cell phone You already know how to use this incredibly helpful device. Consider loading it […]

Keep the Lights On: Emergency Backup Power

3 systems can be used solo or in conjunction with one another: (1) Generator and/or (2) Solar and/or (3) Marine battery with car charging it in emergency. See parent article on prepping  priorities. Note that backup power is related to communication (a large priority because you’ll want to find your family in an emergency, learn […]

10 Prepping Priorities

Nine priorities for preparing for disasters are reviewed, with in-depth articles of each topic.

Water: Storing and Filtering

See summary parent article on short-term disaster resilience and prepping for other priorities. Storing Water Just thought this spoof on storing “dehydrated” water was pretty funny (see picture), although the source of the picture apparently took it seriously! In any case, the US Government recommends buying commercially purified water for storage, but they also provide […]

Financial Resilience

See summary parent article on short-term disaster resilience and prepping for other priorities. Financial resilience means financial diversification and is obviously a subset of resilience more generally. For a starter, download FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit in which they discuss finding and safely storing documents, reviewing insurance policies, and a checklist to ensure you […]

Food Storage

Hopefully, we will gradually transition from the dysfunctional status quo to long-term thriving using the planet’s available resources (one planet thriving) through expert use of physical technologies (like alcohol, stirling engines, and rocket mass heaters) and social technologies. Storing food is part of preparing for relatively short-term disasters, one of 10 prepping priorities for short-term […]