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The Big 10 Solutions for Restoring Our Future Now

Overview of solutions for shelter, food, heat, social technologies, tools, and a list of people putting it all together.

Greening the Desert in Jordan – Geoff Lawton

Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world, most of the country receiving less than 7.87″ (200 mm) of rainfall annually, much of that evaporating before being us use for growing food. Permaculture projects are demonstrating a sustainable way to reclaim the desert.

Rocket Stoves, Rocket Mass Stoves, & Wood Stoves

Heat, cook, hot water, drying, and a cozy place to sit: All benefits of a good wood stove + intelligent systems design. But what about getting the same benefits from rocket stoves which are supposed to be more efficient?

Food is Central for Civilization

Civilization as we know it arose out of annual agriculture and the domestication of animals in the fertile crescent about 10,000 years ago. In other words, civilization depends on food.

Wild Rice in Wisconsin

Wild rice is an annual plant growing in lakes or rivers in Wisconsin. It re-seeds itself every year and thus acts as a perennial in this way. Perennial food producers are a mainstay of permaculture approaches to food production (see, “Can permaculture feed the world?“). Apparently, there used to be large wild rice beds in […]

“Kennie’s in the Kitchen”

“Kennie’s in the Kitchen” Almond meal crust Quiche  (VIDEO) Kennie D. makes a delicious almond meal crust quiche.

From Grass Desert to Abundant Food Forest? Backyard Permaculture Bonanza

A backyard permaculture, perennial (tiny) food forest and kitchen garden

Can Permaculture Feed the World?

This article, by Charles Eisenstein, discusses the issue of whether organic methods and permaculture can feed the world. It cites this article, by David Blume, who claims to have achieved yields that can, in fact, feed the world. In other words, his yields increase the carrying capacity of the land to the point where we […]

Fukuoka-inspired Vegetable Garden

Fukuoka’s classic “One Straw Revolution” described a spiritual and natural approach to growing food that he started in Japan in 1938. This approach, which pre-dated permaculture, has been said to supply a spiritual component that works well with permaculture design. These 3 videos are from a master gardener and permaculturist who shows us her gardens as inspired by Fukuoka’s “do-nothing” approach.