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The Big 10 Solutions for Restoring Our Future Now

Overview of solutions for shelter, food, heat, social technologies, tools, and a list of people putting it all together.

Rocket Stoves, Rocket Mass Stoves, & Wood Stoves

Heat, cook, hot water, drying, and a cozy place to sit: All benefits of a good wood stove + intelligent systems design. But what about getting the same benefits from rocket stoves which are supposed to be more efficient?

4 Energy Saving Tips from Paul Wheaton

(1) Compact Fluorescent bulbs do not save energy (most of the time) (2) 57% of home energy use comes from natural gas (29% electricity, 9% oil, 5% Propane). Energy used for heat is more than 1/2 of home energy use. (3) 3 types of heat: (a) Convective heat (we heat air and the air heats […]

Vegetable Oil as Fuel for Cars

Diesel car + $1000-$2000 conversion kit + free, filtered waste oil from a fast-food joint = really low cost, environmentally friendly driving.

Fired Up: Wood vs. Natural Gas (vs. Rocket Stoves) for Environmental and Personal Health

How does wood burning compare with natural gas? The moral Issue is murky.

Alcohol: A Renewable Energy that Sequesters Carbon and Can Power Our Lives?

Energy and heat are two key physical technologies (to be used on conjunction with social technologies) in moving from our dysfunctional status quo to a future of thriving on one planet’s worth of resources (one planet thriving). Multiple solutions are necessary, including alcohol, stirling engines, rocket stoves and mass heaters, biofuel, and more. Is it true that ethanol is a net energy loser, taking […]

Propane Powered Cars: Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions by about 10% compared to modern gasoline and diesel engines, is equivalent to gasoline and diesel in terms of tailpipe emissions, and is non-toxic, non poisonous, and insoluble in water [but this is nothing compared to the potential for alcohol as a transportation […]

Open Source Ecology – Global Village Construction Set

50 open source machines to power a village at civilization-level technology.

Fuel: A Review of the Movie on Biofuels

This film, Fuel (2009), was recommended by a friend and new father (M.J.). I just watched it online here. Very well done, inspiring. Great history of fossil fuels, discussion of peak oil, the relationship between oil and our entire economy, our political system, and our way of life…and then, it goes beyond that to a […]