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We know the problems and the solutions. The largest challenge is transitioning from the dysfunctional to the functional.

Life Designers

These are all people or projects who have been living experiments in life design and chose to pass their knowledge to us.

Levels of Resilience: Eggs in one basket?

How resilient do you want to be? Spread your bets among 6 levels of resilience according to how probable a particular worldview is and how confident you are about that probability.

Movie: Reversing the Mississippi

What happens with a guru in creating affordable physical technology for farming meets a guru in creating social connections for youth to teach them farming? I have been waiting to find out since I first saw the trailer for Reversing the Mississippi in June of 2015. Thanks to Ian Midgley, the film premiered on the […]

Greening the Desert in Jordan – Geoff Lawton

Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world, most of the country receiving less than 7.87″ (200 mm) of rainfall annually, much of that evaporating before being us use for growing food. Permaculture projects are demonstrating a sustainable way to reclaim the desert.

The United States of Oligarchy?

“It is enough that the people know there was an election.” J. Stalin “When the electorate believes that elections have been free and fair, they can be a powerful catalyst for better governance, greater security and human development. But in the absence of credible elections, citizens have no recourse to peaceful political change. The risk […]

Is civilization sustainable? How long do civilizations last?

The end of civilization — societal collapse — is a scary concept. But, what is the lifestyle we call “civilization” and is it worth preserving? The answers are important for moving from our dysfunctional status quo to a future of thriving on one planet’s worth of resources — one planet thriving. Increased resilience during the […]

Food is Central for Civilization

Civilization as we know it arose out of annual agriculture and the domestication of animals in the fertile crescent about 10,000 years ago. In other words, civilization depends on food.

Transition Introduction

We know the problems. We know the solutions. Becoming people who are able to produce our needs locally while recycling all of our wastes locally and distributing resources equitably. In other words, we need to become sustainably producing good neighbors. The most difficult challenge is transitioning from the dysfunctional status quo to the functional future. […]

Thriving on One Planet: The Big Picture

The big picture of One Planet Thriving: (1) Our modern way of life is the largest, most unethical failure in human history. (2) We know how to reverse that failure and thrive on one planet’s worth of resources. (3) The trick is transitioning to that way of life. For more detail, read this post which, in turn, has links to more detailed posts and resources.

Life Design: Introduction

We live in a world where, for the first time in history, much of what we see and use on a daily basis are objects that have been designed, sometimes by whole departments of people highly trained in the relevant skills. Apple and Nike come to mind. Given the prevalence of design for objects like […]