Transition Introduction

We know the problems. We know the solutions. Becoming people who are able to produce our needs locally while recycling all of our wastes locally and distributing resources equitably. In other words, we need to become sustainably producing good neighbors. The most difficult challenge is transitioning from the dysfunctional status quo to the functional future.

Specifically, the primary focus of the transition is that fundamental foundation of civilization, food. Can the power of urban dwellers be used to develop a new, sustainable, relationship with food?

Transition Town is the most significant movement meant to address this issue specifically, but it seems to rely on the idea that we can transform our urban lives to ensure their continuation, not considering much the possibility that cities, themselves, may not be sustainable.

It would be good if we could figure out a way to use our existing economy to incentivize this transition (see this post on rethinking money) by creating more sustainably producing good neighbors. Using our existing investment infrastructure to create financial products that are liquid, safe, and affordable in small units for normal folks is one possibility.

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