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Chapter 14: Strategies for an Alternative Nation, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual — Notes

“No-one would deny that people are the most difficult factor in any design or assembly. It is not that people lack the will to cooperate; its is more often that they have not adapted those sensible legal and administrative, or social mechanisms which allow them to cooperate.” (p. 532) Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual — or […]

What is Permaculture?

The word “permaculture” comes from the combination of “permanent” + “agriculture”. Since food is vital for culture, permaculture is also “permanent” + “culture”. It has the potential for solving many existing problems…

Life Designers

These are all people or projects who have been living experiments in life design and chose to pass their knowledge to us.

Willie Smits Restoring the World: One rainforest and village at a time

Willie Smits, born in the Netherlands but living in (and citizen of) Indonesea for the past 35 years, works in tropical Indonesia to re-establish not only forests which then increase rainfall by 25% (using only 5,000 acres) but also to re-establish the communities of people needed to make those forests permanent. Resources to learn more […]

Greening the Desert in Jordan – Geoff Lawton

Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world, most of the country receiving less than 7.87″ (200 mm) of rainfall annually, much of that evaporating before being us use for growing food. Permaculture projects are demonstrating a sustainable way to reclaim the desert.

Apios Institute | Edible Forest Garden Wiki

Apios Institute | Edible Forest Garden Wiki – Useful Plant Species – Regenerative Agriculture – Edible Landscaping | Regenerative Perennial Agriculture for Temperate Climate Ecosystems. Eric Toensmeier and Dave Jacke are involved in this collaborative effort to create an online community that shares its knowledge of all things Edible Forest.

Food is Central for Civilization

Civilization as we know it arose out of annual agriculture and the domestication of animals in the fertile crescent about 10,000 years ago. In other words, civilization depends on food.

Thriving on One Planet: The Big Picture

The big picture of One Planet Thriving: (1) Our modern way of life is the largest, most unethical failure in human history. (2) We know how to reverse that failure and thrive on one planet’s worth of resources. (3) The trick is transitioning to that way of life. For more detail, read this post which, in turn, has links to more detailed posts and resources.

From Grass Desert to Abundant Food Forest? Backyard Permaculture Bonanza

A backyard permaculture, perennial (tiny) food forest and kitchen garden