Well-being (Numerator)

Human Development Index vs. Happiness & Life Satisfaction

The Human Development Index has been collected in world wide surveys and is used in various ways that are relevant to sustainable wellbeing (nice introductory article). For example, at the Sustainability Form at UW-Madison (3/7/13), Tim Donahue, the Director of the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, large energy institute, showed a graph of the positive …

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Saving Our Children: Connecting to Ourselves for Sustainable Well-being (video)

Video of a recent 60-minute talk with music in 9, bite-sized bits, entitled: “Saving Rumi: Connecting to Ourselves for Sustainable Well-being”. It’s a good summary of the sustainable well-being project. Through words and music, the talk discusses how our current way of life is the largest failure in human history, advocates making changes to maximize sustainable well-being, describes some psychological principles needed, and suggests solutions, ranging from a scientific and cultural project called “Open Source Life Design”, to solutions being modeled by pioneering communities throughout the world, to an incubating idea for a Community Supported Sustainable Lake House (CSSL).

One Planet Communities

There are several communities described by BioRegional and at oneplanetcommunities.org (see this map) that follow the One Planet living framework which adheres to the 10 principles detailed in the figure to the left. They are communities designed to maximize sustainable well-being, chiefly by reducing planetary impacts. The first One Planet community in the United States …

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