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Saving Our Children: Connecting to Ourselves for Sustainable Well-being (video)

Video of a recent 60-minute talk with music in 9, bite-sized bits, entitled: “Saving Rumi: Connecting to Ourselves for Sustainable Well-being”. It’s a good summary of the sustainable well-being project. Through words and music, the talk discusses how our current way of life is the largest failure in human history, advocates making changes to maximize sustainable well-being, describes some psychological principles needed, and suggests solutions, ranging from a scientific and cultural project called “Open Source Life Design”, to solutions being modeled by pioneering communities throughout the world, to an incubating idea for a Community Supported Sustainable Lake House (CSSL).

Life Design: Introduction

We live in a world where, for the first time in history, much of what we see and use on a daily basis are objects that have been designed, sometimes by whole departments of people highly trained in the relevant skills. Apple and Nike come to mind. Given the prevalence of design for objects like […]