The Big 9: Solutions for a Functional Future

In order to thrive on one planet, we need to transition toward solutions (to serious problems) that address all of the Big 9 categories below in an integrated way. There are a few folks trying to do just that, including Willie Smits in Borneo and Tamera in Portugal (see this post for more Life Designers).

(1) Shelter/Homes: The Art of Shelter

(2) Water & Food (food is central for civilization)

(3) Fuel: Heat, Cooking, & Power

(4) Social Technologies: Solutions require cooperation. Cooperation requires systems (e.g., visions and process) that minimize disagreements, and attract (and train) people who can disagree skillfully

(5) Tools

(6) Medicine (see Ben Falk’s book)

(7) Fiber (see this dialog on

(8) Fun & A Little Luxury

(9) Resilience & Security












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