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The Big 9: Solutions for a Functional Future

Overview of solutions for shelter, food, heat, social technologies, tools, and a list of people putting it all together.

Rocket Stoves & Rocket Mass Stoves (& Wood Stoves)

Heat, cook, hot water, drying, and a cozy place to sit: All benefits of a good wood stove + intelligent systems design. But what about getting the same benefits from rocket stoves which are supposed to be more efficient?

Alcohol: A Renewable Energy that Sequesters Carbon and Can Power Our Lives?

Is it true that ethanol is a net energy loser, taking more energy to produce that it supplies? Turns out, that’s probably not true, and is especially not true when a permaculture-designed agricultural system is used to produce the alcohol. Sidebar: A new and exciting discovery reviewed on 1/6/19 by 60 minutes suggests an invention […]