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The United States of Oligarchy?

“It is enough that the people know there was an election.” J. Stalin “When the electorate believes that elections have been free and fair, they can be a powerful catalyst for better governance, greater security and human development. But in the absence of credible elections, citizens have no recourse to peaceful political change. The risk […]

Money: Wealth, Inequality, & Health

Lots of cool information and videos relating wealth, income, and their distribution to health and well-being.

The Four Principles of Sustainable Life

The Natural Step outlines the 4 principles of sustainability, a foundation for a lifestyle that maximizes sustainable well-being. This post looks at Ecological Footprint as one quantifiable measure of resource use (our lifestyles need to use the resources of 1 planet whereas the current average American lifestyle requires 4 planets worth of resources). Money is another quantifiable way of viewing resource use. Our conversation briefly describes the current inequity in wealth distribution in the U.S. and suggests that a fair amount of money to live on for a family of 4 would be $40,000 per year in income, with wealth of about $127,000.

Financial Resilience

See summary parent article on short-term disaster resilience and prepping for other priorities. Financial resilience means financial diversification and is obviously a subset of resilience more generally. Diversification simply means putting your eggs in more than one basket. Not a secret. Want financial security? Diversify. But how much? I grew up hearing about diversification and […]