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Last month was a little light dose. This month a little dark. I wrote “abandon me” for someone close to me who was experiencing a lot of suffering and was surrounded by people who were simultaneously abandoning them all while denying they were doing it. I’ve seen this happen to many people who discover how fragile and avoidant their family and friends can be when real suffering happens in their lives. This is no accident given the importance of love and connection in our lives and the fact that our culture so often promotes avoidance and disconnection. Kindness for a Change is designed to help people understand this, start changing from dominator to partnership habits, and connecting with others with similar aspirations.

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About Donal

Integrated Expertise

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the best national program in his field
  • Therapist for 20 years, helping hundreds of individuals, couples, and groups learn to thrive
  • Published 20+ scientific articles related to sustainable well-being, anxiety, depression, and dysregulated behavior
  • Survived 13 years of personal suffering (3 years of child’s cancer, family implosion, and 7 years of wife’s disabling pain)
  • Member of cohousing community for 16 years
  • Studied with world experts in ecology, sustainable agriculture, and permaculture
  • Ran several political campaigns (back in the day)
  • 4 albums of original music and a new group of songs released in 2023

Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People

As a scientist, Donal worked closely with Dr. Richard Davidson, named a Time Magazine 100 Most Influential Person and known for his neuroscience work with the Dalai Lama.

Co-inventor of Proven Wellbeing Program

Donal co-invented and scientifically validated a group-based program that helped hundreds of people thrive and increase their sustainable wellbeing.