Posted on September 6th, 2014 and last modified on February 3rd, 2016.
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Thriving on One Planet: The Big Picture

The big picture of One Planet Thriving: (1) Our modern way of life is the largest, most unethical failure in human history. (2) We know how to reverse that failure and thrive on one planet’s worth of resources. (3) The trick is transitioning to that way of life. For more detail, read this post which, in turn, has links to more detailed posts and resources.

Restoring Forests and Communities: Willie Smits

Willie Smits, born in the Netherlands but living in (and citizen of) Indonesea for the past 35 years, works in tropical Indonesia to re-establish not only forests which then increase rainfall by 25% (using only 5,000 acres) but also the communities needed to make those forests permanent. Resources to learn more (but also see below): […]

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Role in Health

What happens if we can eliminate a child’s experience of (1) crime in the home, (2) neglect, and (3) abuse (physical, mental, and sexual)? We see reductions in a host of health problems these early stressors cause with rates of return on our investment of up to 150%. Among the problems that can be reduced […]


July 5, 2016

From whatever materials (leather, metal, wool…), it’s just really satisfying to make something by hand: Challenging at times, empowering, seeking perfection but never achieving it, building skills, learning secrets, making something beautiful, lasting, and personal. Here are pictures of things I’ve made recently. Look for a copper pot and a knitted scarf to make appearances soon.

I’d encourage everyone to make something. If you want help or advice or you want me to make something for you, let me know.

Spyderco Honing Stone Sheath and Strop

Spyderco Honing Stone Sheath and Strop

Spyderco Honing Stone Sheath and Strop

Small Sterling Silver Pendant

GPS coordinates and nickname with anniversary date

IMG_2127 IMG_2128

Kama Sheath


Large Sterling Silver Pendant

GPS coordinates and nickname with anniversary date

IMG_0714 IMG_0723

“The Badger” Messenger Bag

Hand-dyed a custom Cherry Chocolate with Savannah Red accents, this 11″ x 14″ bag is made of full grain vegetable-tanned leather and designed to hold a MacBook Air plus several books. Customizable modules hold whatever you wish. Hand-stitched and hand-burnished. Fit with a stainless steel cobra buckle and solid nickel-plated hardware.

Front with strap

Badger Messenger Bag: Front










Badger Messenger Bag: Back


Badger Messenger Bag: Side

Strap buckle detail

Badger Messenger Bag: Strap buckle detail



Badger Messenger Bag: Key fob module & Wallet module

Modules Detail

Badger Messenger Bag: Module Detail



Badger Messenger Bag: Inside (with optional module strap)


Handle Detail

Badger Messenger Bag: Handle Detail


Cobra Buckle Detail

Badger Messenger Bag: Front Cobra Buckle Detail









Swiss Army Knife Sheath


Swiss Army Knife Sheath

Sheath for Rumi’s Little Pocket Knife


Rumi’s Sheath











Compass or Fire-starter Kit Case


Compass/Fire tin Case

Mora Bushcraft Knife Sheath


Mora Knife Sheath

Journal Cover


Journal Cover


















Movie: Reversing the Mississippi

What happens with a guru in creating affordable physical technology for farming meets a guru in creating social connections for youth to teach them farming? I have been waiting to find out since I first saw the trailer for Reversing the Mississippi in June of 2015. Thanks to Ian Midgley, the film premiered on the […]

Building a Worm Composting Bin in Mazatlan, Mexico (Video Link)
IMG_1272 Building a Worm Composting Bin In Mazatlan, Mexico



As a newly retired Registered Nurse with a passion for human health,  I am most curious about our connection to the soil (Gia, earth) which is our soul source of  essential nutrition.  Vitamins, minerals and  gases (the most important being oxygen and carbon dioxide) find their roots in a soil community and the biological chemistry that exists between the members of that community. When I think about life and follow our journey, the story always ends with a journey back to the soil.

What is  worm composting?  Worm composting begins with household vegetable wastes and ends with worm casting or worm poop!  Why worm compost?  Worm castings are filled with life. There are billions of plant bio-available beneficial bacteria, fiber, vitamins, & minerals in the castings. When you add fresh castings to the soil you are inoculating the soil with a living mass that will continue to grow and spread throughout your soil environment, providing the essential nutrition for a healthy soil.  “How to Build a Worm Composting Bin” is an instructional video guide created in Mazatlan, Mexico.  In the video, I explain how to find the materials needed and how to build a compost bin.

Broken Open

This heart broke slowly…

The Rain Salesman

I wanted to be a rain salesman, / carrying my satchel full of rain from door to door, / selling thunder, selling the way the air feels after a downpour

The Balloon Boat (video)

Ahoy Maties!  No birthday is complete without a “Balloon Boat”. This is a fun project for kids of all ages.  (Of course, remember water safety when playing near water. So have an adult with you before you launch).  Anchors away!  And thank you for viewing….. Kennie D’s Science Projects.  🙂

The past is not behind you

“The world is wrong. You can’t put the past behind you. It’s buried in you; it’s turned your flesh into its own cupboard. Not everything remembered is useful but it all comes from the world to be stored in you…Did I hear what I think I heard? Did that just come out of my mouth, […]