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Got a light dose for you this month. “We are here” is a song I wrote during my son’s cancer years. He’d just gotten out of the hospital, and we spilled out into Madison’s capitol square where people were protesting against anti-union actions. Very inspiring version of what democracy can look like. During this time, Walker faced and defeated a recall campaign: “The margin of victory for a recall had existed well within Wisconsin’s union households, but fully 38 percent of those households voted to retain Walker” (p. 210 of a great book on collective organizing, No Shortcuts by Jane F. McAlevey). In these times, we need to show up as all of who we are, with and for each other. We have be able to have conversations involving unpleasant emotion while also dealing with reality – and doing all of that with kindness. That’s why I’m working so hard on Kindness for a Change. And, we have to do that by developing organic leaders within our communities. I hope some of the inspiration and energy represented by the song infuses your life a little bit today. This version was recorded in 2023 with Omito as the producer.

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