Art of Shelter

“There’s no home like place” – L.W.
Ben Falk Studio Source: http://www.wholesystemsdesign.com/where-we-work/
Ben Falk Studio
Source: http://www.wholesystemsdesign.com/where-we-work/

Wofati (see also), earthship buildings, other earth-integrated

Simon Dale's Hobbit House (a beautiful wofati?)
Simon Dale’s Hobbit House (a beautiful wofati? — see Wofati link). Creative Commons Copyright (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/)

structures (such as the Simon Dale Hobbit House or Tony Wrench’s roundhouse), prefab and professionally build hobbit homes, or open-source, earth brick buildings. Documentary on building codes relevant for building these and other unusual structures. Small is beautiful

Ben Law Woodland House Pic source: http://www.naturalbuildingblog.com/ben-laws-woodland-home/
Ben Law Woodland House
Pic source: http://www.naturalbuildingblog.com/ben-laws-woodland-home/

A picture is worth 1000 words. What if our structures were as focused on beauty as they were on cost and function? The true art is a balance between each of these and some of these are definitely not high on the function variable, but they do inspire me in terms of beauty. Now, imagine that these works of art also generate all their own power, process all their own waste, and harvest all their own water — those are some of the requirements to be certified a “living” building, a project that has certified a few buildings around the world and won the 2012 Buckminster Fuller prize.

Airbnb garden room in the Netherlands.

Source: www.facebook.com/greenrenaissance/photos_stream
Source: www.facebook.com/greenrenaissance/photos_stream
Multiple functions for a small space are helped by ceiling (and murphy beds). Examples. Some of them have multiple stop heights so they can be used as bed, table, sofa, desk, etc.
Sources: Unfortunately, many of these pictures came in an email with no clue as to the original locations or photo credits. If you know about either, please let us know and we will update accordingly.
But, check out these other sources (thanks Greg R!):
  • gypsy wagons: some beautiful examples are here

  • Lloyd House:
    • Started out in conventional carpentry for 20 yrs or so, then shifted to natural building methods.  A complete Master Builder of our time.
    • check out this sauna he built (2 pix below)



  •  PollyWogg Holler, 25-acre bed & breakfast & eco-resort, located in Allegheny Mountains, West Virginia (800-291-9668): They make their own champagne, guest loft above sauna. (Homework: Handbuilt Shelter by Lloyd Kahn, p. 17-21)
  • For WI, consider a Sod Iglu (Shelter, p. 151)
  • El Remanso Lodge in Costa Rica, 185-acres of land, owned by a couple from Barcelona, Wins top sustainability awards.








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