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The Dehumidifier Does My Laundry

Use the water from your dehumidifier for your laundry machine

Water: Storing and Filtering

See summary parent article on short-term disaster resilience and prepping for other priorities. Storing Water Just thought this spoof on storing “dehydrated” water was pretty funny (see picture), although the source of the picture apparently took it seriously! In any case, the US Government recommends buying commercially purified water for storage, but they also provide […]

Aquaponics Biofilter

Kennie D’s homemade biofilter for the Aquaponics system described in this post. Two videos here, one biofilter without aeration tube and one with aeration. Also, very cool explanation about the chemistry involved in turning ammonia (from fish excretions) to nitrites and then to nitrates for the plants. This one has no aeration. This one has […]