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Music balances the intellectual with heart. Enjoy.


step two

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“3000 Miles” is from the album, b purple. It was inspired by a haiku from Basho. I love his haiku. Here’s a couple examples:

All night

Under cherry blossoms



Upon the temple bell


A butterfly

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Whereas “3,000 Miles” is at the start of a relationship, “Over Now” is at the end. I wrote this song a couple of years after moving back from my year living in Sevilla, Spain. As I said in the mail, this relationship didn’t actually end but transitioned into a wonderful friendship I treasure to this day. There are two versions of this song. This one is the original version. Later on in this series, I’ll share the version produced by Dorian Crozier.

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Integrated Expertise

  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the best national program in his field
  • Therapist for 20 years, helping hundreds of individuals, couples, and groups learn to thrive
  • Published 20+ scientific articles related to sustainable well-being, anxiety, depression, and dysregulated behavior
  • Survived 13 years of personal suffering (3 years of child’s cancer, family implosion, and 7 years of wife’s disabling pain)
  • Member of cohousing community for 16 years
  • Studied with world experts in ecology, sustainable agriculture, and permaculture
  • Ran several political campaigns (back in the day)
  • 4 albums of original music and a new group of songs released in 2023

Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People

As a scientist, Donal worked closely with Dr. Richard Davidson, named a Time Magazine 100 Most Influential Person and known for his neuroscience work with the Dalai Lama.

Co-inventor of Proven Wellbeing Program

Donal co-invented and scientifically validated a group-based program that helped hundreds of people thrive and increase their sustainable wellbeing.