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Aquaponic Harvest

Aquaponic Growing Systems Updated

Aquaponic Growing Systems Updated

Vorticella: Under The Microscope

See a Vorticella, a Ciliated Paramecium used as a bio-indicator for levels of water pollution, eat bacteria.

Nematode: Under the microscope

Nematode: Under the microscope video I am still tweeking my digital microscopic photography technology. However here is a video of the Nematode. One teaspoon of good garden soil has about 20 bacteria-eating nematodes, 20 fungal feeders, a few predatory and plant eating nematodes for a total of 40 to 50 nematodes per teaspoon in all. Happy […]

Under the Microscope: Rotifers

A look at Rotifers. It was by studying the Rotifer that scientists were able to determine the environmental impact of the 2010 BP oil spill. The rotifers are commonly called wheel animals. They are a phylum of microscopic and near-microscopic pseudocoelomate animals.  Animals, because they have organs (cilea for mobility, a mouth with jaws, a stomach, […]

Aquaponic low nitrogen level solutions

Aquaponic low nitrogen level solution. (Add more fish).  As your plants mature they need more nitrogen. My test is to add more fish. Test Formula (More fish) = (more poop) = (more ammonia).  (More ammonia passing through the biofilter) = (increased nitrogen levels).

Aquaponics Biofilter

Kennie D’s homemade biofilter for the Aquaponics system described in this post. Two videos here, one biofilter without aeration tube and one with aeration. Also, very cool explanation about the chemistry involved in turning ammonia (from fish excretions) to nitrites and then to nitrates for the plants. This one has no aeration. This one has […]

Aquaponics System

Kennie D. shows us how he built an experimental, indoor aquaponics system for testing plant growth.   If you want more information, comment below and Kennie D. will get back to you. Some misc. notes: See this post on home-made biofilter. White “tanks” where plants are resting are actually 4 x 4″ plastic fence posts […]