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Interview with Robert Griffin on Hummingbird & Tamera Communities

In consulting with Mandy and Ryan from, they suggested we contact Robert Griffin as someone who had visited Tamera, a Peace Village in Portugal that seems like a very interesting model for community living. They also recommended Robert as someone who is easy to talk to, accessible, and who has some pretty deep and […]

Life Design: Introduction

We live in a world where, for the first time in history, much of what we see and use on a daily basis are objects that have been designed, sometimes by whole departments of people highly trained in the relevant skills. Apple and Nike come to mind. Given the prevalence of design for objects like […]

Tamera: Peace Village Integrating Physical & Social Technology

Tamera, a peace-oriented ecovillage in Portugal, garnered an “Honorable Mention” (#3 of 150 proposals) in the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Tamera was started in 1995, but it was only the latest evolution of a conscious series of community experiments starting in 1978 and some of those experiments still continue as well (e.g., ZEGG in Germany). It […]

Letter to Melissa Coleman

Dear Melissa, My Father died on December 14, 2011 about 20 minutes after I arrived in Los Angeles, from my home in Wisconsin. Afterwards, I went crazy with my sister, her husband, and my Mom, and then sank down into less reactive sadness, being with my children and wife who arrived a day later, and […]

Life Design: Your CSSL* awaits [* Community Supported Sustainable Lakehouse]

Introducing your Community Supported Sustainable Lakehouse (CSSL). Your CSSL awaits! We are creating a test-field for a culture that maximizes sustainable well-being by adhering to the 4 principles of sustainability articulated by the Natural Step, using only the resources available if those resources were fairly distributed. In the short-term, we share a beautiful vacation and camping spot. In the long term, we share a permaculture food forest and model lifeboat.