From passive despair to active change, see the world for what it is and reshape it into what it could be.

On a mission to foster sustainable well-being, I integrate clinical psychology with ecological wisdom, empowering individuals and communities to thrive through compassion and resilience while evolving our culture from the inside-out.


I am married and have two boys.

I have lived in community co-housing in Madison, WI since 2007.

We have survived my 3-year-old’s leukemia. As of 9/24/11, our youngest son successfully completed 1151 days of treatment for leukemia. He is doing well. That means that our family has experienced a level of hell and survived it by using the tools that I share here.

My wife has experienced daily, disabling pain from 2013 to 2020. Anyone who has lived with this will understand how difficult that challenge can be. I am practicing all the skills I share here to help our family thrive as much as possible under these difficult circumstances.

And, I have helped hundreds of individuals and dozens of couples learn to thrive (through 20+ years of experience working as a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Psychologist). Here’s some patient feedback:

“You helped me to love and appreciate the person that I am; the great parts and the bad parts and everything in between”

“The work we have done together has huge ripple effects on my life.”

“…with your help I was able to change my perception of the world and myself.”

  • Graduate of Pomona College, Philosophy major
  • M.S. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Madison, the #2 program in the U.S. according to U.S. News & World Report (2012)
  • Mentor and post-doc and scientist advisor and collaborator: Dr. Richard Davidson, Time Magazine 100 Mosy Influential Person, known for neuroscience work with the Dalai Lama. 
  • Collaborator with Richard Davidson’s Center for Healthy Mind.
  • Designed and ran National Institute of Health clinical trials (example)
  • Published 20+ original scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals and popular press, like the Shambhala Sun and the Yoga Journal
  • Published a neuroscience-consistent theory on Emotion Regulation (see Free Stuff)
  • Worked and published with one of the world’s experts on psychopaths, Dr. Joseph Newman
  • Worked and published with a world expert in hopelessness depression, Dr. Lyn Abramson
  • Practicing mindfulness meditation for years
  • Here is a copy of my curriculum vitae which includes education, list of publications, etc.
  • Part-time maker of hand-made goods ranging from Messenger Bags to Bushcraft items (see more here)
  • Performed and recorded two albums of original music and performed publicly in many venues, from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Spain.

The Reason Behind Kindness For A Change

Kindness for a Change is a 10-week training designed to transform you from the inside out for sustainable wellbeing. 

I learned first hand how our instagram light-and-easy culture can make us feel disconnected and unable to deal with reality. And, I have learned how to help turn those deficits into assets for you and for us.

Selected Podcast Guesting

Ep. 130: Finding Yourself. Loving Each Other. Saving the Planet with Donal MacCoon

Ep. 883: Love Thy Neighbor: a holistic approach to wellness