One Planet Thriving: The Big Picture

One Planet Thriving: The Big Picture

Before. The blue arrow references the same point in both pictures.

After (source: see below)

The Dysfunctional Status Quo. Our modern way of life is the largest, most unethical failure in human history. Millions of people throughout the world are experiencing massive levels of suffering and many species on our planet are going extinct. The way we live is not sustainable. Thus, it will either evolve, continue to degrade, or collapse (see this post for more details).

The Functional Future. We already know what thriving looks like. Using proven principles of permaculture and holistic management (short video) to design and nurture ecologically sound perennial food systems with livestock in herd-like grazing (see these posts), we can become sustainably producing good neighbors, sequestering all industrial carbon, producing nutritious food and sufficient energy locally — ethically and sustainably thriving. Since we are social animals, we will do this in some form of community, using appropriate social technologies (see this post on The Top 5 Lessons Learned Living in a Village).

The Transition. While this set of solutions is not difficult, the transition from the dysfunctional to the functional can be daunting, particularly for urban dwellers who may lack the skills or the inclination to change (see this link for more details).

See this post for a video of a talk that covers some of this material.

Pictures source: Allan Savory’s 2013 TED Talk, also part of the companion book.