Urban Survival Machines


A Pagan Chant:

“Earth My Body, Water My Blood, Air My Breath, and Fire My Spirit” 

Imagine there will come a time when you experience a sense of harmony with these

elements every day of your life. Harmony with the earth, the water, the air and the

fire that burns within. Imagine in this state, you begin resonating harmonically.  Craving

living soil, purified water, clean air, and a spirit whose fire rages to maintain it.  Nurturing

these elements is the key. The cycle of life is depends on what you do.  With these “ Life

Supporting Machines” I am creating tools  to educate you on how you can nurture our

Earth” by creating a living, growing, microbial rich, soil food web. Purifying our “Water ”

by removing toxins with the help of living microbes, distillation and filtration. Improving

our “Air” through photosynthesis, and green chemistry.  And as for “Fire”, your spirit….

that is an individual experience that only you can feel good about.

“Earth My Body, Water My Blood, Air My Breath and Fire My Spirit” 

Keep up the chant 

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