Aphid Infestation Management (Video) by Kennie D.


Plant health is a major concern for any plant lover.  Growing and maintaining a healthy plant is a gardeners number one objective. There are  many pests that will oppose your efforts to reach this objective . But there is one pest that you will find is a unyielding adversary, “The Aphid”.  You can not eradicate them but you can manage them. As a organic gardener you will spend more one on one time with your plants then the gardener using chemical methods. Through observation, and rapid interventions you will be able to see and identify harmful pests and remove them before their colonies can proliferate. In the video that you are about to view I offer one simple solution to the Aphid infestation problem I call it “population management” put simply….. give your plants a bath. ( Note: Kennie D  does not believe in killing “any” living thing so this method is not intended to kill aphids, The goal is to separate them from your plants. I believe that aphid are a vital member of the ecological food chain and there for should be managed not destroyed ). For example aphids are a major food source for ladybugs an organic gardeners best friend.

The Video link:  Aphid Infestation Management

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