Vorticella: Under The Microscope

Vorticella: Under The Microscope Video

The Vorticella is a Ciliated Paramecium. It is generally a predator, feeding on bacteria. In this video you can see the Vorticella using it’s cilia to sweep food particles into it’s gullet. There are more than 16 species. They mainly live in freshwater ponds and streams. You will find many vorticella in organic aquaponic/hydroponic growing systems as well because the water current delivers the bacteria directly to them. They are not usually free swimmers. They prefer to anchor themselves to particles in their aquatic habitat. As filter-feeding ciliates, they are used to clarify sewage in waste water treatment plants. They are also used as a bio-indicator for evaluating the level of pollution in waterways.

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      1. It’d be great to have a little video or written piece from you about how these (and other) critters fit within the bigger picture of soil and fertility.

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