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One of the best videos I’ve seen on the case for urgency for forming physical networks of people to provide each other with needs that will not be available in the depression that she believes is coming within the next few years. Here is the free version and here is the longer version with her suggsted solutions that will cost you $12.50 to view. I highly recommend the paid version. If the link to the paid version doesn’t work for you (because it automatically goes to the film for me b/c I paid for it), go here and you can link to the online version on the right-hand side of the page. I do not know what Nicole’s qualifications are and I don’t really care much. Nothing she is saying is new. It is an integration of material that I’ve read elsewhere and has been verified by multiple sources. However, it is such a clear package!

Here’s a brief summary for you:

(1) Cheap energy is ending (soon) and our entire way of life depends on cheap energy.
(2) Even more urgent is the collapse of the financial system to the extent she believes another great depression will occur (very soon). This “correction” brings us back to at least the 1970’s in terms of housing prices, etc. This is the worst bubble ever, in the history of humankind.
(3) Some solutions she suggests: (a) Move into cash [see SafeWealth for a service that might be of interest with respect to safer banking, etc.]; (b) Eliminate as much debt as possible now; (c) Sell real estate and consider renting instead; (d) Develop multiple fail-safes for critical needs. For example, how will we heat our homes? Multiple solutions needed; (e) Reduce dependencies whenever possible while (f) investing and deepening communities to provide what we need for each other to the extent possible.

I would add to this list, developing and living in intentional communities that are probably a better, more sustainable, and more resilient way of living anyway. See this blog post on Tamera for a discussion of one very cool model.

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