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Top 6 lessons learned living in cohousing: A psychologist’s view

Top 5 Lessons for Village Living: (1) Without interaction between people, there is no village: (a) Allocate time for relationships. (b) Live in physical structures that encourages interaction and get the right balance between public and private space. (2) Invite those who can (a) skillfully hear and express their truth even when there is unpleasant emotion and (b) are willing to continually improve at this. Best way to know: you’ve had disagreements and come out the others side. (3) Be free! Learn from failure and communicate instead of creating too many rules. (4) Small is beautiful. Empower the smallest decision-making group possible for the decision at hand. (5) Welcome people, build goodwill, and be clear about a coherent vision and process.

Consensus: Balancing Action and Discernment, the Voice of the Many and the Few

Troy Cohousing community has been around for since 2007 (Reflections on living at Troy). We operate on a modified consensus model. The goal of our process is to balance timely action and discernment, honoring the voices of the community in 2 ways: (1) by hearing all pieces of the truth spoken by each person (minority opinions and dissenters included), and (2) by honoring the views of the majority. […]