As a mindfulness practitioner since 1994, I have experienced the impact that awareness of the present moment can have on our mental and physical health. As a scientist, I have run NIH-funded studies identifying the mechanisms through which mindfulness has those effects.

As a therapist, I both use and teach mindfulness to those interested in this approach. Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. There is some evidence that mindfulness can improve sleep and many other health outcomes.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Most insurance accepted. Sliding scale available. For a free telephone consultation, more information, or to schedule a session with Dr. MacCoon, click here.

East and West locations in Madison, WI.

Dr. MacCoon has expertise in a variety of traditional and integrative forms of psychotherapy. He is known and respected for his integration of mind body techniques.

He has published scientific articles on attention, personality, anxiety and depression, and is currently involved in NIH-funded studies on the effects of mindfulness meditation on well-being. He also works as the Research Coordinator for UW-Health Integrative Medicine’s Mindfulness Program. Dr. MacCoon is a graduate of UW-Madison, one of the top clinical psychology programs in the country.

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