I'd like a transformation partner

We assign partners randomly. A transformation partner is someone you can get to know who is also investing in the Kindness for a Change (KFAC) training. This person can become a friend or be more like a neighbor you say hello to in passing. Introduce yourselves and tell each other a bit about your lives as is comfortable based on your boundaries as you get to know someone.  Of course, you can talk to each other about KFAC: questions, concerns, observations. Some people talk to their partners after the training. Some do not. Always honor your own and your partner’s boundaries.

Please only sign up for a partner if you can commit to the following for the duration of the training:

(1) Check in once a week for about 15 minutes. It can be as long as you wish, but the idea is that it’s not an amount of time that puts a burden on anyone. 

(2) Be responsive to your partner’s emails.

Some people don’t feel worthy of having a partner. This is very sad (but such is the nature of our cultural training). Everyone is worthy. But, if you feel you need to talk about this before committing, please call us at (920) 325-0303 (9-5 pm CT). 

If you have reached out to your partner twice (and given them a reasonable amount of time to respond) and received no response, please email support@oneplanetthriving.com