Welcome, KFAC Alumni!

It’s nice to have you here! 

As you know, there are 3 next steps you can participate in as an alumni:

(1) Patients only: The support group at Madison Psychiatric Associates (MPA)

(2) Non-Patients only: Small group coaching

(3) Everyone: Midnight Crew, a monthy meeting.

You can purchase the Midnight Crew Membership below.

Midnight Crew

3-Month Membership
$ 79
  • Monthly live zoom meeting for further training, discussion, and Q&A
  • Monthly emails highlighting new updates to Kindness for a Change
  • Access to the full One Planet Thriving ebook library
  • Attend KFAC Foundation training occurring during your membership for free: Review and deepen your understanding of the KFAC core knowledge and skills; Provide your knowledge and wisdom to others; Connect with a whole new group of people