You already have all the wisdom you need. The trick is accessing it, especially when triggered and flooded by unpleasant (not necessarily negative) emotions. Suffering comes from listening to some parts of ourselves to the exclusion of other parts. Integrating these pieces not only makes us whole, it makes us wise and healthy.

We will use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), techniques effective with trauma, emotion regulation, findings from affective neuroscience and the brain, and mindfulness techniques to help you heal and flourish. These approaches are effective for reducing depression, anxiety, grief, stress, social anxiety, panic attacks, and trauma. Related approaches are effective for moving beyond normal into life design and coaching.

Whether the integration needed is the resolution of trauma, greater awareness through mindfulness, or the reshaping of long-standing (but non ideal) patterns, you can heal and flourish. I specialize in individual and couples psychotherapy for adults.

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Two locations:
West: 5534 Medical Circle / Madison, WI 53719
East: 2702 International Lane, Suite 207 / Madison WI 53704

Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Most insurance accepted. Sliding scale available.

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