“Your music was beautiful and inspiring”                “Great singing and song writing!”

“His music and personal reflection added immensely!”

“Dr. MacCoon was a phenomenal musician!”                “Loved the music!!”

“absolutely beautiful and compelling”              “Your music was beautiful and inspiring”

“Loved it, impressive and inspiring. Good speaker, great musician!”

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I have played original music as part of bands and solo, sometimes for hundreds of people and sometimes intimate groups, sometimes as part of a talk on one planet thriving and mindfulness and sometimes as a concert. I have recorded 2 albums (see below) with another on the way.

When playing as a part of a talk, audiences give anonymous feedback. Above are some of the comments I’ve received about my songs and performances (click here for more audience comments).

There are a variety of connections between music and one planet thriving. The most important is that music is a helpful way of communicating emotion and thus a complementary way of communicating themes critical to sustainable well-being, such as friendship, community, suffering, and joy. Also, if people are attracted to the music they may learn about sustainable well-being. Finally, since authenticity is important to for well-being and thriving on one planet, and music is part of who I am, it may help our cause to share it.

“bpurple” is a compilation of 14 songs from several projects completed from 1992 – 1998 but with some fixes, re-mixing and re-mastering in 2009.


“Sometimes Good Things Happen” are songs recorded in 2009, a year after my 3-year-old son was diagnosed with leukemia [lyrics here]. As of 5/2013, we are so grateful to have him back as a healthy, happy, boy, cancer-free and off treatment.

CDs and mp3s can be purchased at the following places (in order of preference):

(1) If you know me and live in Madison, email me.

(2) Click cover art above for the album you would like to purchase.

(3) Purchase from CDbaby for a better deal on more than 1 album.

(4) Music is also available on iTunes store (search simply for “Donal”)

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