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Levels of Resilience: Eggs in one basket?

How resilient do you want to be? Spread your bets among 6 levels of resilience according to how probable a particular worldview is and how confident you are about that probability.

The Balloon Boat (video)

Build a fun balloon-powered boat for your pond or pool.

10 Prepping Priorities

Nine priorities for preparing for disasters are reviewed, with in-depth articles of each topic.

Financial Resilience

See summary parent article on short-term disaster resilience and prepping for other priorities. Financial resilience means financial diversification and is obviously a subset of resilience more generally. For a starter, download FEMA’s Emergency Financial First Aid Kit in which they discuss finding and safely storing documents, reviewing insurance policies, and a checklist to ensure you […]

The Dysfunctional Status Quo of Gradual Societal Collapse

For those who like to put things in context, read this short post covering the big picture of One Planet Thriving. The point of life is sustainable well-being: happiness, health, and long lives achieved in a way that can be sustained over multiple generations. That means we have to achieve our well-being while using only […]

Sustainable Well-being Retreats: Version 2.0

For the beginning of our third year of Swabi retreats, we started to explore transitioning the group to another phase. These videos explain this transition while also providing some idea of what the retreats are about. Part I, New Ways of Living, shows examples of cohousing and permaculture-inspired ecovillages as potential models for living sustainably. […]