Building a Worm Composting Bin In Mazatlan, Mexico (Video)

Building a Worm Composting Bin in Mazatlan, Mexico (Video Link)
IMG_1272 Building a Worm Composting Bin In Mazatlan, Mexico

As a newly retired Registered Nurse with a passion for human health,  I am most curious about our connection to the soil (Gia, earth) which is our soul source of  essential nutrition.  Vitamins, minerals and  gases (the most important being oxygen and carbon dioxide) find their roots in a soil community and the biological chemistry that exists between the members of that community. When I think about life and follow our journey, the story always ends with a journey back to the soil.

What is  worm composting?  Worm composting begins with household vegetable wastes and ends with worm casting or worm poop!  Why worm compost?  Worm castings are filled with life. There are billions of plant bio-available beneficial bacteria, fiber, vitamins, & minerals in the castings. When you add fresh castings to the soil you are inoculating the soil with a living mass that will continue to grow and spread throughout your soil environment, providing the essential nutrition for a healthy soil.  “How to Build a Worm Composting Bin” is an instructional video guide created in Mazatlan, Mexico.  In the video, I explain how to find the materials needed and how to build a compost bin.

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5 thoughts on “Building a Worm Composting Bin In Mazatlan, Mexico (Video)”

  1. Thanks for the video! Love the DYI — so practical and you make it look so easy! I also love the taste of the pace in Mexico — a good reminder for us rushing-about northerners!

    People might want to know what they can and cannot put in the compost. You might know better than me, but I think the easiest rule is that anything vegetarian can go in the bin. Also, the liquid that comes out the bottom is not what people call worm tea — it should be collected and discarded or diluted with a lot of water before being added to soil.

    Thanks again for this informative video!

    1. Correct!! Yes any thing harvested from the garden can go into the Compost Bin. A compost is composed mainly of Veggies that we eat. So it stands to reason that when we add our own compost to our gardens, it’s composition will be comprised of the foods we are likely to plant. With this in mind our compost will contain the bacterium’s, root exudates, and complete microbiome for our seasonal planting. Composting worms provide many services to the composting process. The major thing is they exponentially increase the numbers of these beneficial bacteria. By the ingestion of bacteria the worm provides an excellent environment for bacteria to multiply. On it’s journey through the intestinal tract of the worm, bacteria find the ideal environment for reproduction. Worm castings (worm poop) are teaming with these essential bacterium that are specific to growing the foods we eat.

      Thank you Dmac Hope this helps
      Kennie D

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