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Greening the Desert – Geoff Lawton

Jordan is one of the most water-deprived countries in the world, most of the country receiving less than 7.87″ (200 mm) of rainfall annually, much of that evaporating before being us use for growing food. Permaculture projects are demonstrating a sustainable way to reclaim the desert.

My Dehumidifier Does the Laundry

Use the water from your dehumidifier for your laundry machine

Tree-inspired 30′ High Basket Brings Water to the Desert

Collects over 25 gallons of fresh water daily, costs about $550, and can be built from local materials by a team of 4 in under 1 week (Wired Magazine article). See Worka Water.

Water: Storing and Filtering

Storing Water The US Government recommends buying commercially purified water for storage, but they also provide instructions for bottling your own water here. They suggest rotating stored water every 6 months, but note that if you have a way of purifying water, it seems logical that you can simply re-purify the water before you drink […]

Water: Harvesting Rain Water

Water & Resilience. Through a case-study of Troy Gardens Community Co-housing. Related post: Food; Filtering Water Summary: With 101,920 square feet of impermeable surface area, Troy can harvest about 1.8 M gallons of water (63% of the water we use). NOW: How much of the harvestable water can we actually store and use? Use depends […]