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A History of the World in 100 Objects – Donal’s Notes

Note: I am working on this post off-and-on right now so it is not yet complete. A History of the World in 100 Objects is a podcast series from BBC Radio narrated by Neil MacGregor. To hear this excellent series, read their notes, and see their images, go here. It reviews a history of the […]

“The Great Reckoning” by Davidson and Rees-Mogg – Donal’s notes

Short Summary The economy is bad and getting worse. Put money in diverse assets (including 5-10% in gold and silver) and insurance in multiple countries. Be prepared for government services to be provided privately (e.g., water, education, security). Divest yourself of investment real estate, especially in large cities. For maximum safety move to small, rural […]

Free eBook | One Planet Thriving: Serious Urban Solutions for 12 Serious Problems

Download a free copy of the eBook on establishing a sustainable lake house with friends, a solution that simultaneously provides (1) a lifeboat community in case of hard times, (2) an affordable, permaculture, weekend getaway, and (3) a way of transitioning from urban status quo to one planet thriving.

Dialog with Sustainable Business Students

I just gave a talk on sustainable well-being to Tom Eggert’s class, Topics in Sustainable Business Practice, at UW-Madison. I’ve given a talk every year for the last 5 or so and every time it’s very rewarding, stimulating, and encouraging to hear thoughtful students engaging with this fascinating subject. In the past, I’ve spent more […]